Arsenal Recommended Buy Cavani

Arsenal legend Ian Wright wants to see his former team's Edinson Cavani hook on the upcoming January transfer window. Wright menagnggap Uruguay's players could be a fitting companion for Robin van Persie up front. This season Arsenal's Van Persie rely heavily on the front lines. Dutchman has scored 15 goals in the Premier League, or half of Arsenal's goals so far. This fact illustrates how vital the role of Van Persie. Wright also thinks the Gunners need another top striker in order not to rely too much on The Flying Dutchman.

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Suspended Arsenal at the Emirates

Until the last fifteen minutes, the game is still running balanced. Arsenal gained a new opportunity in the 15th minute through long-distance kicks Aaron Ramsey. But his kick wide far above the Fulham goal.Five minutes later, Fulham's turn to threaten. Bobby Zamora is back to kick Arsenal have not been able to meet the target.

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childhood photo wearing a costume Robin van Persie Arsenal

Nothing wrong with it if called Robin Van Persie as the new Arsenal legend Thierry Henry's successor. Skill enchanting and full armband already owned by the Dutch striker. One more thing that makes it worthy of being a legend, a small dream RVP was playing for Arsenal.

Photo below shows the evidence if the Arsenal was at the heart Van Persie since he was young (aged 13-14 years). Small RVP photographed wearing the Gunners sit on the bed with sheets Feyenord.

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